2017-04-19 / Local News

Med Center has future in Camden

By Lauri Rice
Contributing sportswriter

The Camden Medical Center is in need of some updates. Memorial Hospital’s CEO Perry Gay and Facility Manager Dave Brumett spoke at Camden’s April 12 Town Council meeting about the options.

The facility currently needs a sink in each of the three exam rooms and a solid ceiling in the restroom. The hospital will match fifty percent of the costs to make these updates. Some repairs to the plumbing have recently been completed.

Gay said the hospital “love[s] being in Camden and plan[s] on staying.” Both Gay and Brumett spoke about the possibility of a future new location in Camden to accommodate expanded services.

Council members discussed applying for a Place Based Grant. This grant would go toward Community Enhancement projects. Clerk-Treasurer Pat Casserly agreed to research the types of projects the grant could be used for and apply for the grant.

Camden’s Fireworks ordinance was discussed. Since the ordinance is so outdated, the Council plans to repeal it and write a new one.

The Camden Police Department reported two traffic stops and several burglaries at the Camden Auction House.

Spring Clean-Up is set for April 29. The township scrap metal drive is currently underway.

The next meeting will be May 10 at 7 p.m.

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