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Commissioners take time to consider IPC easement request

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Carroll County Commissioners did not automatically approve a request for use of county land at the Monday morning meeting. Indiana Packers Corporation (IPC) has requested an easement for a stretch of county property to the north of the Trash Transfer Station.

Highway Engineer Paul Couts presented the legal paperwork and advised the description of the activities which might happen on the land is different than the understanding he had when the project was first proposed. He said he does not know that Commissioners would object to any of the terms of the permanent easement, however he said they need to be aware of all implications before they formally agree.

“We need to understand what we give to them and what they want,” Couts said.

Commissioner Steve Pearson said he wants to research the matter before making a decision. The matter will be discussed and most likely decided at the May 1 meeting.

Highway Department

Couts told Commissioners the project to repair a drainage situation on CR400S. near CR800W. is “a good sized project.” He said he will need to purchase 88 feet of new pipe and four ditches and drains in the surrounding area will be moved and then reconnected.

The project is expected to cost as much as $50,000. Commissioners directed Couts at the April 3 meeting to use the Cumulative Bridge Fund for the road and drainage work. Couts said there will be traffic delays and interruptions after the project begins in June.

Tioga Bridge

Jefferson Township resident Dan Feldhaus, who said he lives four houses north of the bridge, told Commissioners youth congregate on the bridge with coolers and sit and lie down on the deck and climb to the top of the bridge. Some also jump into Lake Freeman from the top.

Feldhaus also said jurisdiction of the area seems to be in question. He said neither Carroll County nor White County seems to be in charge of monitoring activities at the site.

“Nobody knows who is responsible for the bridge,” he said.

The local resident said Carroll County erected “No Parking” signs on the road leading to the bridge however, people now park on the road in front of the signs. He suggested attorneys representing both counties meet to decide which county is responsible for any part of the bridge and surrounding land.

Attorney Ted Johnson agreed to research the matter in county records. The situation will be discussed at the May 1 meeting.

Other business

Tippecanoe Township resident Shirley Inman objected to the manner in which Commissioners handled the Carroll Manor buffer from IPC. She said the county leaders should have advertised for bids or quotes from any contractor who wanted the job instead of only talking to two businesses.

It was decided to delay the discussion until Commissioner Bill Brown was present. It was noted Brown volunteered to meet with the two contractors involved, Pro Lawn and Coghill Lawncare, after the last commissioners meeting to discuss specifications for the job.

City Council member Dale Seward said he is working on a sports arena concept for the area and thought the former county landfill might be a good location for it. Seward said however, when doing research about the property with IDEM, he received information which indicates the county must comply with a re- quest from the state agency before the property can be utilized for any purpose. He provided research documents to Commissioners for follow-up.

An ongoing nuisance property situation located at 12197 Circle Dr., near C&C Beach in Jefferson Twp., was again presented to Commissioners for action. According to the county’s GIS database, the property is owned by Sherman Noble Jr.

County Health Environmental Sanitarian Angie Brown, presented the situation to the county leaders at the April 3 meeting. Neighbor Beth Roberts complained about the accumulation of trash and building materials on the property over the past several years Monday morning.

Area Plan Commission Zoning Administrator Doug Wagner said the Health Department sent a certified letter to the property owner. He said if there is no remediation of the situation, the Commissioners can take action after 30 days following the letter. It was determined the time limit has not been met.

A leave without pay was granted to Community Corrections Director Keyna Everett. Everett said she is pregnant and she will be absent from her job for up to 30 days. She has not been employed by the county long enough for maternity leave.

The American Legion Post #75 will use the courthouse rotunda May 29 for a Memorial Day celebration.

Delphi Lions Club was granted permission for the courthouse restrooms to be open on July 1 during the Independence Day Parade.

Carroll County Garden Club will post a sign on the courthouse lawn.

The Carroll County Historical Society will post a sign on the courthouse lawn May 1 to 6.

The next meeting will be May 1 at 9 a.m.

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