2017-03-15 / Front Page

Family press conference produces flurry of tips

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Grandparents of Libby German, who was killed Feb. 13 near the Delphi Historic Trails, spoke out for the first time March 9. The couple, Mike and Becky Patty, talked to a vast array of media in the Carroll County Courthouse. It was announced the award leading to the arrest of a suspect has now exceeded a quarter of a million dollars.

An Indiana State Police (ISP) representative introduced the couple and before they approached the podium, reported more than 11,000 tips had been received at the time of the press conference. He said 2,000 of them have been cleared and another 1,500 need to be assigned. Since the press conference, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby told the Comet the volume of tips has increased by “200-fold.”

The ISP spokesman said law enforcement officials do not know if the perpetrator or perpetrators of the doublehomicide are local or not. He also stated law enforcement is not able to connect the local murder with a case in Iowa. Community members and others were cautioned about repeating unconfirmed rumors on social media and other venues. He said those rumors could impede the ongoing investigation. For instance, Leazenby confirmed the person who owns the property at the site of the crimes, Ron Logan, was arrested this week. However, Logan was arrested on a probation violation, not in connection with the crimes. Leazenby cautioned community members to not jump to the wrong conclusion about the arrest.

“Our lives will forever be impacted,” Mike Patty told the crowd last Thursday. “Someone out there knows this person or persons.”

“Please, we need your help,” he added.

Patty said both Abby and Libby are heroes. He said “they stuck together and they loved each other.”

“This is a hurdle that needs to be knocked down,” Patty said near the end of the press conference. “The pain will always be there, but I truly feel we’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

Anna Williams, the mother of the other victim, Abigail Williams, through a letter read by Patty declined at this time to speak to media.

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