2017-03-15 / Front Page

County owes more than $24,000 in back pay for 2016

Amount owed for 2017 unknown
By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

Carroll County Council member Ann Brown discovered several weeks ago that county deputies, jail staff and dispatchers were not making the correct amount of pay each week. She also discovered the problem first began in 2016 and she worked with Jail Matron Aleshia Williams to determine how much was owed to each employee.

Brown reported to the Council at the Monday meeting pay amounts totaling more than $23,919.82 are owed to the employees. The number was based on current working staff however, calculations for two former staff members who left at the end of 2016 still have to be completed.

Brown said she consulted with Human Resource expert Kent Irwin who advised the county does not have to pay interest on the money owed, could pay a flat fee to each employee for the mistake, but could also just pay the owed money with no other consideration. She said the appropriation for the total amount will have to be approved by ordinance when other calculations are completed.

In addition, Auditor Tom Gray was directed to calculate the amount owed to each current employee for 2017 and provide that number for the ordinance preparation.

Council members decided to advertise for a $75,000 additional appropriation from the General Fund for the back pay, although most of the members believe the amount advertised will be much more than will be needed. The matter will be addressed at the April meeting. The Council agreed to only appropriate the amount needed for the employees.

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