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To my friends and family in and around Delphi, Indiana...

I have few words of comfort that you haven't already heard.  However, please listen to some advice.

For several years I worked in the homicide branch for IMPD (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept.) and I learned many things. One of the most important is do NOT fall into the trap of the rumor mill that will inevitably surround this tragedy.  Do not trust what you hear on most media outlets, especially social media.  99.99999999% of it is CRAP.  All that does is hurt the families, the community and the investigation.  Basically, forget what you think you know...and wait until the official details are released. 

Second, family and friends will hear information before the police will...so if you do actually hear info or have RELIABLE information... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell the police! 

Third, look out for the family of each young girl.  If they need help...help them...watch over them...be their friend, family, community, their guardian angel.

Fourth, this could take time to solve.  This is the real world people...not TV, not a movie.  Real police work is full of long, long, hard, stressful hours, days, weeks...etc.  You will have to be patient.  Rushing an investigation only leads to mistakes and a poorly prepared case for court.  Think about it... would you rather they "get it done" or "get it done right"?

Finally, if/when the suspect(s) are caught do not give them their 15 minutes of fame - don’t plaster their mugshots all over the internet.  Remember the victims and their families. That's who's important in this case.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Be safe.

Alan Leinberger


Born and raised in Delphi


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