2014-05-21 / Opinions & Letters

Something doesn’t seem right

The Carroll County Commissioners are searching for a financial advisor. County Commissioners, the executive branch of our county government, are by law responsible for a whole slew of duties. But determining the county’s financial situation is not one of them.

The County Council, the fiscal branch of our county government, is responsible for fiscal control over all county officers, boards and commissions. The Council develops the annual budget, determines the tax rates and makes financial plans for emergencies and future projects.

This begs the question…why have Commissioners decided to go out on their own about this? Why have they not asked the County Council to pursue a financial advisor together if they think one is needed?

The published scope of services to be done by a financial advisor, developed by the Commissioners, includes providing financial information and financial projections to the Commissioners and the County Council. Commissioners want a financial advisor to identify opportunities for improvement of the ways and means by which Carroll County meets its financial responsibilities.

Shouldn’t the Commissioners have first met with the Council to find out if both groups think a financial advisor is needed?

Do the Commissioners expect the Council to accept its decisions about Council matters with no involvement by the Council?

Do Commissioners ever plan to include the Council in this matter?

Something just doesn’t seem right.

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