2013-11-20 / Public Records

Property Sales

Information shown is obtained from sales disclosure forms on file at the Carroll County assessor’s office. By law, buyers and sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the forms. Bringhurst

Oct. 2 – 1441 S. Bringhurst Rd., $62,684.16. Carroll County Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Oct. 7 – 2607E. 150S., $110,000. Thomas W. Etter to Henry J. Gingerich and Emily J. Gingerich.

Oct. 23 – 1208 S. Bringhurst Rd., $5,000. Brent A. Flory and Marilyn J. Flory to Robert R. Stoup and Angela Stoup.

Oct. 23 – 3368S. 730E., $110,000. Dian Sue Dowden to Walter R. Newswanger and Caitlin M. Newswanger. Brookston

Sept. 24 – 11725 W. Tecumseh Bend Rd., $70,000. Douglas W. Hamilton and Donna K. Hamilton to Robert X. Browning.

Oct. 16 – 4802 N. Horseshoe Lane, $32,725. Carroll County Sheriff to Beneficial Financial I, Inc.

Oct. 22 – 11938 W. Horseshoe Bend Rd., $36,000. Carroll County Auditor to Steve K. Hart. Burnettsville

Oct. 25 – N. 400 W., $63,000. Stephen Wright personal rep. Wilma Wright Estate to J. Rodney Coffing and Roberta H. Coffing. Burrows

Oct. 16 – 2911E. 900N., $93,000. Jimmy Lee Arion and Christina Lee Arion to Scott T. Guckien and Amy L. Guckien. Camden

Sept. 27 – N. Water St., $13,500. Estate of Hanna Appleton to Jackson Township.

Sept. 30 – CR300N. CR300W., $280,358.40. Matthew A. Rekeweg to John A. Beale and Betty L. Beale.

Sept. 30 – CR300N. CR300W., $0. Michael W. Beale and Jonella M. Beale to John A. Beale and Betty L. Beale.

Sept. 30 – CR300N. CR300W., $53,401.60. Matthew A. Rekeweg to John Beale.

Sept. 30 – W. 800N., $333,761. Matthew A. Rekeweg to Michael A. Beale and Jonelle M. Beale.

Oct. 8 – 512 E. Main St., $0. Andrew Slaughterbeck to Brandi P. Slaughterbeck.

Oct. 25 – 432 E. Main St., $70,000. Christopher M. Beck to Kevin Lovett.

Oct. 25 – E. Main St., $4,500. Constance Ailene Sprague to Michael L. Everett and Michele L. Everett.

Oct. 25 – SR218 & CR300E., $540,000. Donald G. Housman and Patricia L. Housman to Ryan D. Swayze and Tracie A. Swayze.

Oct. 25 – 485 N. Water St., $67,500. The Estate of Hanna Eva Appleton to Jerry L. Long and Virginia A. Long.

Oct. 28 – E. 100N., $898,000. Surviving Trustee of the Richard D. Flora and Mary D. Flora RT Agr. and John S. Thompson to Greg A. Yost.

Oct. 28 – 2866W. 350N., $190,000. Louis E. Hayden and Amy L. Hayden to Anna May Hatke. Cutler

Oct. 23 – W. 550S., $393,858.45. Harry W. Jones and Deborah A. Jones to John A. Filbrun and Jodi E. Fisher. Delphi

Sept. 26 – 903 E. Main St., $54,000. Marian J. Vogt to Brenda Vianco.

Sept. 27 – 6437N. SR25, $73,190.63. MidFirst Bank to The Secretary of HUD.

Sept. 27 – W. US Hwy. 421, Cynthia Anderson personal rep. of Edward W. Littman Estate to Robert P. Walters.

Sept. 30 – S. 800W., $0. John A. Beale and Betty L. Beale to Michael A. Beale and Jonelle M. Beale.

Sept. 30 – 535 S. Hamilton St., $7,000. Wayne Logsdon to Delphi Youth Baseball.

Oct. 2 – 6484W. 585N., $100,000. James A. Roemer to Jones-Jerue, LLC.

Oct. 2 – 122 W. Front St., $50,963. Carroll County Sheriff to Fannie Mae.

Oct. 2 – 10911W. 500N., $37,346. Carroll County Sheriff to Bank of America.

Oct. 7 – 6634W. 300S., $205,000. Neal E. Anderson and M. Griffin Anderson to Aaron N. Anderson and Jana D. Anderson.

Oct. 16 – 406 N. Washington St., $28,000. Brent A. Flory and Marilyn J. Flory to Randy L. Birge.

Oct. 16 – 1005 Masonic Dr., $25,500. Carroll County Sheriff to Beneficial Mortgage Company.

Oct. 17 – 6667N. 625W., $98,000. Rinda Garcia to Jeffrey P. Nelson and Marcella A. Nelson.

Oct. 18 – 101 Crest Dr., $137,439.91. Mark A. Sales to Brittany Sales.

Oct. 21 – 8695N. 700W., $172,000. Sherman E. Sheets to Edwin J. Oilar.

Oct. 21 – 410 Cottage St., $85,000. Goldman Bowling to Anthony J.T. Moyers and Julie A. Moyers.

Oct. 21 – 220 S. Wilson St., $96,500. Federal National Mortgage Association to Tracy M. Hill and Sarah Hill.

Oct. 23 – 6635W. 200N., $225,000. Kevin Eggerling to Cameron J. Stout and Hali Stout.

Oct. 23 – 503 N. Market St., $30,000. Claudine E. Martin and Betty Lou Martin to Carroll White Rural Electric Membership Corp.

Oct. 28 – 9564W. 550N., $215,000. Erik Pasman and Heidi Pasman to Jeffrey M. Schoen and Rebecca A. Schoen. Flora

Sept. 27 – 740S. 500E., $44,900.Fannie Mae to David R. Lamb.

Oct. 2 – 2325W. 100S., $198,000. Greg M. Michael and Pamela S. Michael Joint Rev. Trust to Terry L. Tatman and Angela L. Tatman.

Oct. 4 – Bare ground, Green Acres Dr., $43,500. Carroll Consolidated School Corp. to The Wagoner Living Trust.

Oct. 7 – W. 150N., $60,000. Esther I. Graybill and Raymond Graybill to Rollin Graybill J.R.T. and Mary Jane Graybill J.R.T.

Oct. 22 – 200 W. Clark St., $3,501. Carroll County Auditor to MH Realty LLC.

Oct. 23 – 211 W. Columbia St., $85,000. David J. Miller and Melanie J. Miller to Jonathan D. Jenkins and Brooke A. Beckner. Lafayette

Oct. 21 – 25S. 900W., $135,000. Tracy L. Nape to Ted M. Hufford. Monticello

Sept. 25 – Breezy Point Dr., $100,000. Terry Jungels and Mary Ellen Jungels to John R. Foster and Jane M. Foster.

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