2012-02-29 / Looking Back

Looking Back

From the files of Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, Journal-Citizen and Carroll County Comet. Photo provided by Carroll County Historical Museum.

Hull School, Jefferson Twp., circa 1910; Frances Price, teacher Hull School, Jefferson Twp., circa 1910; Frances Price, teacher 10 YEARS AGO

People from all over the United States recently got a taste of Carroll County Pork.

Local catering/meat company, Parrett’s Meats and Processing, based in Flora, accepted a coveted invitation to display their cooking style and set-up at one of the country’s largest catering trade shows and seminars, held in Las Vegas.

Millions of students across the country celebrated the joy of reading on March 1, the birthday of children’s author De. Seuss.

Carroll’s 2001-2002 basketball season ended when (15-7) South Newton defeated the Cougars in double overtime in the semi-final round of the Tri County Class A Sectional. The Cougars finished 14-7 on the year. 25 YEARS AGO

New street signs costing $2,003.90 and a new computer system for $31,787.35 were approved by the Flora Town board.

Utilities Manager Charles Everett requested new signs for 58 of Flora’s 112 intersections.

Over 300 persons attended Flora Community Club’s Bridal and Special Events Show held Sunday afternoon in Flora. Twentytwo businesses had displays.

The tomato has been named the “Vegetable of the Year” by the National Garden Bureau. 50 YEARS AGO

The theft of one dozen buckets from a maple sugar camp north of Flora was reported.

An interesting old document was displayed at the Delphi City Council meeting. It was a plat and description of the Elmwood Addition when it was annexed to the City of Delphi in 1887.

Wayne Beckner, of near Bringhurst, is a starting forward on the University of Miami first-year basketball team.

At 6-5 Beckner has proven an excellent rebounder and has netted 147 points for an average of 12.3 with a high game performance of 28. 75 YEARS AGO

Delphi Oracles will meet the Flora Badgers in the first scheduled game of the Carroll County Sectional Tourney tonight.

Camden High School orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Clarence Hyman will broadcast on April 24 at 11 a.m. from station WBBA at Purdue University.

Deer Creek High School has not lost a basketball game this season. Their record is 19-0. There are only four teams in the state that have this honor. Deer Creek High School has less than 100 students.

The upper story of the Blythe and Sons Funeral Home in Delphi was practically destroyed by fire Saturday morning. 100 YEARS AGO

The Georgetown bridge was swept half off its piers in the crush of ice and cannot be saved. The ice on the river near Delphi began to move and piled in a gorge, threatening the Pittsburg and Bicycle bridges.

Leading shoe styles are shown at Delphi’s New York store. In men’s shoes some very handsome styles in Ralstons, at $4 and the very popular wide high toes are shown in plain and fancy patterns at $2. Women’s fashionable footwear in all materials for dress or street wear, velvets, suedes and patents are in the lead. Button shoes continue to be popular and priced at $3 and black velvet boots with satin tops, $4.

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