2012-02-22 / Looking Back

Looking Back

From the files of Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, Journal Citizen and Carroll County Comet. Photo provided by Carroll County Historical Museum.

Market Street, Delphi, 1915 Market Street, Delphi, 1915 Editor’s note: Two Comet readers called with more information to go with the Looking Back photo that ran Feb. 1 - the Carrollton High School basketball team from 1931. The team members were named, but not the coach. George Barnard and Marjorie Been both called to say that the coach was John McCleary. After teaching and coaching at Carrollton, McCleary later went to Rockfield High School. Barnard also corrected some misinformation in the caption. He said it was the “B” team that was pictured - not a freshman team.


Finally, with spring just around the corner, winter rears its head. Temperatures were just right for the newly fallen snow to cling to branches and rooftops, giving a winter wonderland effect. Snow started falling Monday night and Carroll County highway engineer Michael Denton said that crews checked things out a couple of times, but it was not necessary to dispatch crews until Tuesday morning. Denton said it was the first big winter callout for the department this winter. In fact, he said, “highway crews went a full calendar year without dropping a plow.” School was delayed two hours Tuesday throughout the county.


Wayne Swaim, Carroll County Commissioner, third district, announces his resignation. He has accepted employment with the Town of Burlington as town marshal.

Suzanne Alvarez, 20, a Purdue University junior, is one of 33 named as 500 Festival Princesses in Indianapolis and is a candidate to be the 1987 queen.

The goal of $25,000 set for the 1986 United Fund Agency was exceeded by $1,841.30.


The Cutler Co-operative Telephone Exchange can now dial the Delphi exchange for free.

Junior Gay reported Wednesday night’s snow measured 5.2 inches and on Friday night there was another five inches. Most folks are willing to let that be enough for this season.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Myers of Camden were closer to the orbital flight take-off last week than most Carroll County people, but they got their best views of it like most of us, on television. They have returned from Cape Canaveral, where they did see the fueling for the space shot the day before.


Members of the Camden Lutheran Church served their annual George Washington supper. This has been an annual event for almost 50 years in the church. For many years this was the one big event in the winter time for people of that community. People drove with horse and buggy or more often horses and sleds for miles to attend the dinner.

Flora has a fine new restroom, located in the town building. The new restroom is opened to the public on Saturday, and is strictly modern in every respect.


Voorhees lumber Co. of Flora has invented a portable hog house which has been put on the market.

Sixty thousand bushels of corn have been received at the Radnor elevator since December.

Forty six contestants entered the shooting match at Ockley Saturday. Henry Loy won a lamp for first place; Harvey Clark won 50 cigars for second, and Vernon Whittelsy, won a knife for third. George Loy got a bottle of nervine for the poorest shot.

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