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Commissioners committed to old dump remediation

Carroll County Commissioners signed a contract for legal services Monday morning for a legal firm to solicit payments from seven insurance companies to pay to make the former county landfill sellable. The site is located to the north of Carroll Manor on CR100N.

Attorney Matthew Cockrell of Matthew Cockrell and Associates explained his 20 percent recovery fee charged for legal services will be deducted from the insurance company settlement payments. He said additional expenses, such as mileage and supply expenses, will not be charged to the county.

Cockrell said the county had liability insurance coverage throughout the years the landfill was in operation from seven different insurance carriers. He explained that although it is the goal to receive the total remediation cost from the carriers combined, there is no guarantee that will happen. Commissioner Pat Clawson said the county is committed to the project whether insurance pays for the cost or not. The county leaders unanimously approved the contract. Proposed zoning ordinance

Zoning committee member Miriam Robeson provided a bound copy of the “second official draft” of the proposed new county zoning ordinance. She explained the newest version of the document has no language about historic districts in the county or language regulating satellite dishes. She said the committee came to realize that the “historic district” concept is too complex to administer on a county level. She further explained that due to advances in technology, satellite dishes are too prevalent and too small to regulate.

Robeson said components which underwent substantial changes included the airport overlay district for the two public airports in the county, the rural residential districts and the signs sections. She said the appeals process for decisions by the Carroll County Area Plan Commission (APC) and/or the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is outlined in the “Administration” section of the document.

Robeson advised that APC members, which were given the revised document last Tuesday night, may approve it to be sent to the commissioners for adoption at their Oct. 25 meeting. She said the public can download or view the document on the committee’s Web site at www.carrollcountyzoning.wordpress.co m. Highway department

Highway engineer Paul Couts explained details in a petition from residents in C&C Beach about road concerns. He said residents are requesting signage for private roads which is not the county policy to provide. Also listed on the petition were roadwork, county drainage issues which need attention and speed limits or speed bump installation.

Couts said the department will do road work to alleviate some of the potholes and other road issues. He added that the drainage could be improved slightly, but because of the terrain, water will naturally drain off to the roads.

Commissioners encouraged Couts to do as much as possible to make improvements in the area. Other business

Commissioners vacated a section of highway near Patton which was abandoned by an action of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) several years ago but never abandoned by the county. Resident Randall Nace plans to have a convenience store on the location.

A letter of support for a grant application to be submitted by Adams Mill Inc. for funding for roof and building repairs was endorsed. Group representative Bonnie Maxwell said Adams Mill Inc. has the deed to the property after securing $115,000 and two no-interest notes which must be paid in two years. She said the group has collected $160,000 in cash and pledges. Maxwell said the group will be required to match the Department of Natural Resources grant for the repairs. She assured commissioners there will be no cost to the county for the endorsement of the letter of support.

The Carroll County Board of Finance will meet during a 10 a.m. recess of the Oct. 17 commissioners meeting.

Commissioners endorsed an emergency sheltering plan as presented by Carroll County Emergency Management Agency Director Dave McDowell. The plan stipulates that the county will enter into agreements with organizations which can provide shelter for limited durations. The shelters will be listed as “Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources” which provides preferential protection and service from State and Federal resources during emergencies.

Commissioners also endorsed a letter to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service requesting assistance through the Emergency Watershed Protection program to repair eroding stream banks which threaten county and private property below the Oakdale Dam on CR1200W. The county is responsible to acquire land rights, permits needed for the repair and to maintain the repair site. The county will also provide 25 percent of the cost of the repair work in in-kind services.

The next meeting will be Oct. 17 at 9 a.m. Drainage board

Carroll County Surveyor Wayne Chapman reported that a farmer whose field abuts a county drain which was sprayed for weeds is requesting compensation for lost crops due to over spraying. He said he checked with the vendor who did the spraying to ask if that person carried liability insurance and was told he did.

Chapman also said that many county drains are in need of work. He said because of financial limitations in the ditch assessments, it is prudent for him to schedule drain work so as to conserve some of the funds for later work.

The next meeting will be Nov. 7 at 8:30 a.m.

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