2011-07-13 / Local News

Former Delphi fire chief falls, suffers serious injuries

Comet staff report

The family of Bill Schock wants to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers after the former Delphi Tri- Township Fire Department Fire Chief suffered an accident last Saturday. The family wants the Carroll County Community to have correct information about Schock’s condition.

Schock fell Saturday night at a car show and hit his head. No one witnessed the actual fall and the details of the incident are unknown. Schock experienced some bleeding around the brain and bruising inside the brain. He suffered two black eyes and a fracture at the back of his skull. He was placed on a ventilator and heavily sedated to allow him to rest and not cause anymore damage. He has since been stabilized and, according to the family, his heart is fine.

Schock is undergoing tests to determine the extent of the damage. There has been some bruising of the cervical spine (at the neck area) and minimal bleeding around the brain which is not causing any pressure on his brain. He continues to be on the ventilator.

“If you know our dad, he will wake up when he wants to and not when everyone wants him to,” Jennifer Schock Myers said Tuesday from the hospital. “Thank you for all of your prayers.”

Chief Schock is in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Elizabeth East in Lafayette. Cards and well-wishes can be sent to the family home at 6259N. 700W., Delphi, IN 46923.

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