2011-06-15 / Faith

Lessons from the Heart

Grow your roots deep!
By Micah Hudson

Hudson Hudson The first weekend of June was amazing! I spent three days at a Fat her-Child Camp with 18 families from our church and community. I spent quality time with my two youngest children: playing games, trying challenging activities, worshipping together, and growing deeper in our love for God and for each other.

At this camp, the speaker challenged each of us to grow “deep roots.” The one passage that stuck out to me came from Ephesians 3:17. It says, (NLT) “And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love.”

God wants us to love Him and to trust Him more each day. Here the apostle Paul gives the illustration of a tree (or other plant) sending its roots down deep. A tree sends its roots down deep in order to have consistent water supply during even times of drought. A tree also sends its roots down deep in order to have a good strength. Thus, it will not be easily knocked down by strong winds.

As the apostle Paul uses this illustration about the tree and its roots in Ephesians, he hopes that we might learn from its analogy. As Christians, if we send down deep roots into the soil of God’s love, we will have to find the nutrients to sustain us and make us strong. We will also find that we will get stronger in our faith, beliefs, and love as we go deeper into God’s marvelous love. A Christian who has shallow roots will be easily knocked down when strong winds blow. A Christian who has shallow roots will more easily be choked out when the water dries out.

It is up to us as Christians to dive deep into those activities that will help cause our roots to go deep into God’s marvelous love. You know what these are: Bible study, prayer, fasting, meditation, worship, etc. When we lack in these activities, we are starving our lives of God’s love for us and for those around us.

“O God, help us to grow our roots deeper into Your marvelous love today! Amen”

Micah Hudson is youth director at Delphi United Methodist Church.

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