2010-10-20 / Public Records

Real Estate Transfers

Gary D. Kirk to Jason A. Phillips. Warranty Deed

Robert L. Walton and Doris E. Walton to PTI Machining Inc. Warranty Deed.

Richard A. Brown and Anita M. Brown to Kevin L. Bender and Tricia J. Tonagel Bender. Warranty Deed

David B. Lux to John C. Lux. Quit Claim

Chase Home Finance LLC to Homesales Inc. Quit Claim

Devin M. Miller to Caleb M. Stevens. Warranty Deed

Caleb M. Stevens to Caleb M. Stevens and Lindsey D. Stevens. Warranty Deed

Samuel Irvin Price Estate to Sherrie Lynn Cocanower and Ann Elizabeth Schreyer. Personal Deed

Ann Elizabeth Schreyer to Sherrie Lynn Cocanower. Quit Claim

William S. Porter, Ralph Porter Estate and Carolyn Bonelli to William S. Porter and Mary L. Porter. Personal Deed

Sheriff of Carroll County, First Financial Bank NA, William J. Yeager and Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Cobrisa Inc. Sheriffs Deed

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Michael C. Giffin. Warranty Deed

Marion K. Blocher to Marion K. Blocher and Beulah F. Blocher. Warranty Deed

Donald Dean McCain to Donald D. McCain and Barbara J. McCain. Warranty Deed (2)

Donald D. McCain and Barbara J. McCain to Donald D. McCain Life Estate, Barbara J. McCain Life Estate, Kyle D. McCain and Audrey S. Mc- Cain. Warranty Deed

James L. Payne and John R. Payne to Doris Jean Payne. Quit Claim

Doris Jean Payne to Thomas E. Brooks Life Estate and Vickie A. Hinkle. Warranty Deed

Orville G. Reed and Orville G. Reed Revocable Trust to Orville G. Reed Life Estate, Geraldine Reed Life Estate and Steven G. Reed. Quit Claim

Sheriff of Carroll County, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, Gregory L. Brubeck, Susette V. Rubeck and First Horizon Home Loans to Kris Smith, Susan Smith, Jared Smith and Jocelyn Smith. Sheriff’s Deed

Nancy Kay Ringer to George M. Ringer and Nancy K. Ringer. Warranty Deed (2)

George M. Ringer and Nancy Kay Ringer to George M. Ringer and Nancy K. Ringer. Warranty Deed

George Ringer to George M. Ringer and Nancy K. Ringer. Warranty Deed (2)

Marian V. Monzel Life Estate, Carl H. Monzel Revocable Living Trust and Marian V. Monzel Revocable Living Trust to James D. Brooks and Jennifer J. Brooks. Trustees Deed

Paul M. Marvin to Paul M. Marvin and Carol D. Marvin. Warranty Deed

Jeff B. Gray to Jeff B. Gray and Betty M. Gray. Quit Claim

John E. Chorrushi and Rachelle R. Chorrushi to John E. Chorrushi Sr. Warranty Deed

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