2010-10-20 / Public Records

Property Sales

Information shown is obtained from sales disclosure forms on file at the Carroll County assessor’s office. Buyers and sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information provided on the forms, by law.

Aug. 6 - 350S. 575E., Bringhurst, $130,000, Jerry L. and Carla M. Hazel to Dennis Marshall and Nancy Eleanor Kern.

Aug. 9 – Burlington Twp., Carroll County E. 300S., Bringhurst, $175,000, Dean N. and Tamara E. Scott to Jordan C. Scott.

Aug. 9 – 5162S. 350E., Cutler, $150,467.20, Mark A. and Christina J. Pinkard to Beneficial Indiana Inc.

Aug. 26 – 3395S. 625E., Bringhurst, $122,500, Brandon T. and Dayna L. Bell to Danie and Paula Frye.

3855E. 480S., Cutler, $33,000, Melissa A. Bonilla to Brian K. and Tracy L. Price.

Sept. 21 - 6562W. 1300N., Idaville, $0, James R. Boyer and Margy J. Boyer to Green Tree Servicing LLC.

Sept. 22 – 4783E. 350S., Bringhurst, $106,274.94, Matthew Thomas Gaddy to Christopher D. Stahl.

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