2010-09-29 / Front Page

General election ballots are incorrect

By Debbie Lowe
Staff writer

The Carroll County Election Board gathered Monday morning for a routine meeting to discuss the necessary goals to be met for the Nov. 2 midterm election. By the middle of the afternoon, a special meeting was scheduled for Thursday to discuss a problem that was also an issue in the May primary election. It was discovered that ballots are incorrect as printed.

Ballots for the May Primary Election had to be reprinted because they were submitted with errors and omissions.

According to election board member Denise Strasser, the ballots printed for the county, which were approved by the election board last month prior to printing, are missing a space for write-in candidates in the State Senate and Federal offices.

She said she was told about the problem just before 2 p.m. Monday when she arrived in the county clerk’s office for training. Both she and clerk Nancy Mattox will be trained to provide support on election day rather than pay the consultant for the service.

Mattox issued a formal written announcement that a special election board meeting will be held Sept. 30, at 8 a.m. Strasser said the election board will decide how to handle the situation at that time.

Indiana Code, IC 3-6-5-14 Sect. 14 (3) states that it is the duty of the election board to “prepare all ballots.”

Mattox announced at the Monday meeting that the Yeoman Community Center will be finished in time for the mid-term election and can serve as a polling place for Jefferson II voters. She said the contractor indicated that the parking lot and the handicap accessible ramp are nearing completion.

Voting in the clerk’s office will begin Oct. 4 during regular business hours. Mattox said Irma Cook and Sharon Milburn will be the poll workers.

The next regular election board meeting will be Oct. 11 at 8 a.m.

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