2009-12-09 / Opinions & Letters

Excellence in action

There is a long history of excellence in Carroll County when it comes to the service provided by its volunteer firefighters. That well-deserved reputation was yet again witnessed on Nov. 25 when a long-time Delphi building was consumed with flames.

It was clear to those on the scene early that even though intense smoke filled the downtown streets and buildings, the situation was being managed - and managed in a professional way. All of the firefighters from the county, along with those from Brookston and Battle Ground, worked in unison to bring a sad but relatively safe resolution to what could have been the worst catastrophe to hit Delphi since the Deer Creek flood in 2003.

There are always ways to improve on whatever has happened, as judged by the arm-chair quarterbacks on the sidelines, but when you look at the total picture of this situation – the handling of the event was indeed excellence in action.

There were no injuries to speak of, except for the firefighter with a pulled muscle.

The city didn’t run out of water.

Yes, the burning building was a total loss, but the adjacent buildings – (and in case you didn’t understand this – those adjacent buildings were physically connected to the one that was destroyed) are still standing and may soon be rendered usable.

The Carroll County volunteer firefighters deserve your gratitude and your appreciation. You, dear readers, should be proud that you are protected by some of the finest firefighters in the nation. Go out of your way the next time you see one to say how much you appreciate their excellence in action!

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