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Letters to the Editor

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Thank you, Carolyn

Carroll County just went into double digit unemployment, along with a lot of other counties. Globe Valve is gone and Peters -Revington might as well be. There is a lot of uncertainty right now. But I want to bring up an interesting point.

Back in 1990 Carolyn Wagner was the mayor of Delphi. At that time she started working on a project that was deemed unnecessary, uncalled for and unwanted by several people in the Delphi area. But she plugged away, caught the dickens for it on most days and it may have even cost her a chance at re-election. This was a huge project and there were mistakes made and problems arose. Overall, though, it took its course to a successful end. And finally, in March of 1991, her project became a reality. In that month Indiana Packers opened for business.

Today, Packers runs two shifts and they process up to 14,000 hogs a day. They employ 1,500 total employees. Think about how bad our tax base is right now. Can you even come close to imagining how much worse that tax base would be if Wagner had not pursued this project? How much worse shape would this county be in right now without this employer?

Even without county employees and everything else considered, Carroll County still benefits tremendously from Indiana Packers.

I want to personally thank Carolyn Wagner for her forethought, intelligence and perseverance for this project. I can't image she has ever gotten told thank you by very many people. But she does deserve it.

Dale R. Seward


Trash is a problem

I live on 700 North, otherwise known as Old Rockfield Road. There has been an increase in the traffic out this way. My complaint is about the amount of trash that is being thrown out of the windows of vehicles. It is against the law to do this. The animals out here do not appreciate it either.

Please stop throwing your trash where it does not belong. I would appreciate it and so would many others, animals included.

Kenneth DeWit Jr.


Abandoned property is neighborhood eyesore

I live on Washington Street in Delphi, across from Globe Valve. The house next to me, 1423 N. West Washington Street, has been vacant for two years and is a mess.

I have talked to the mayor and the County Health Department and supposedly nothing can be done about it because the previous owners still owe $3,000 and the county is broke. I am not saying the area in which I live is the cleanest of areas but this house next to me is disgusting. There are weeds as tall as trees and burn bins and trash all over the backyard. I have seen numerous stray cats going in and out of the house and can smell the stench at my house.

Something needs to be done. I have lived next door to this filth for three years. It is ridiculous that I have to walk out my door every morning and see it.

Please help with this issue.

Jayme Folmer


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