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Looking Back

From the files of Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, Journal-Citizen and Carroll County Comet. Photo provided by Carroll County Historical Museum.

Movie advertisement for a silent era melodrama at the Arc theater, Delphi, 1923 Movie advertisement for a silent era melodrama at the Arc theater, Delphi, 1923 10 YEARS AGO

Principal Steve Carroll retired from Hillcrest Elementary School in Delphi after 32 years in the Delphi school system. When he became the principal at the Camden school at the age of 27, it was said he was the youngest principal in the state of Indiana.

Wabash College graduate Nick Cronk was named defensive assistant coach at his alma mater in Crawfordsville.

The Camden Raceway was quickly becoming known as the "the fastest little fifth-mile track in the country" under the new management of Whitey Kendall. Drivers from Texas and California camped out at the site waiting for the big weekend events.

Hillcrest Elementary School teachers Linda Carroll and Connie Hoffman retire after a combined total of 54 years teaching in the Delphi School system.


The Camden Economic Development Committee is seeking available land within a few miles radius of the town in order to attract small industry into the area. The intent in bringing such plants into the region is to provide additional employment for area citizens and to improve economic status of the community.

Children came out of the Carroll Elementary School for the last time Thursday. They will be in their new school in the fall, and the old Flora building will be vacant for the first time since it opened in the fall of 1935 for 12 grades.


The United Telephone Company of the Flora exchange and Bell Telephone, owners of the Burlington exchange, reached an agreement on "free" phone service between the two exchanges after Flora converted to dial service.

Guy Lombardo and his famous orchestra appeared for a one-night engagement at the Indiana Beach Ballroom on Lake Shafer.

The School Safety Patrol Boys enjoyed an outing to the Purdue-Minnesota baseball game with a picnic lunch at Columbian Park. Those attending were: John Aldrich, Terry Beach, Jerry Cripe, Edward England, George Griffey, Rickey Phillips, Charles Rush, George Felix, Joe Dean Fife, Harold Garrison, Jerry Henderson, John Riley, Bill Felix and John Buchanan. Mr. Bauer, Mr. Bell and Mr. Minneman accompanied the group.

The Delphi Sub Debs met at the home of Josephine Brown May 24 with a dinner served by Brown and Hazelle Kirkpatrick.


"Bozo" a bulldog owned by Fred Wheeler went mad near the Wheeler garage at the north edge of the city and had everyone up a tree. City Marshall, Doxie Moore arrived and shot the dog. Don Hoover suffered a slight bite after the dog jumped in the car with him where a battle ensued and it took four shots to do the trick.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinkle of Bringhurst became parents of a five-pound daughter named Linda Annette born May 6, 1934. He was expecting a horse trader and got a dishwasher instead. Hinkle was the Republican candidate for sheriff in 1932.

Eight Delphi children ranging in ages four to 11 were injured when they found a quantity of dynamite caps in a barn on North Union St. and proceeded to pound on them.

In Indianapolis, Director of the Gross Income Tax Division, Clarence A. Jackson announced that the schools of Carroll County received $21,000 in gross income tax distributions.

The senate passed and sent to the White House a house bill authorizing Indiana to build a free bridge across the Wabash River near Delphi in Carroll County. Contract for the bridge was let after the bill was signed by the President.


The saloon license of William Mahony expired making it the third saloon to close after the county local option election.

Professional burglars cracked the safe at the Donlin & Ryan elevator in Rockfield by using nitroglycerine charges only to walk away with $1.51.

Workmen digging a ditch near Snyder springs east of Delphi unearthed teeth in a low, marshy spot. The teeth were the largest specimen ever found in the vicinity. One of molars was exhibited at Higginbotham Jewelry store in Delphi. It was imagined that an animal to have carried such a large set of teeth would have to have been of enormous weight and size.

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