2008-10-08 / Public Records

Circuit Court

Judge Donald Currie

New filings are from public records available in the Carroll County Clerk's office on the second floor of the courthouse, Delphi. Other information regarding judgments and marriage dissolutions is gathered from public records found in the clerk's office.

Andrew R. Swinford, 21, was convicted of child molesting and was sentenced to eight years in the Department of Correction with seven years on supervised probation and one year executed to be served on house arrest.

The following were found to be in arrears in the payment of child support: Nina M. Valentine, $14,492.89; Kimberly A. German, $5,665.92; Lori L. (Garth) Hinton $8,371; Ronnie L. Pearson, $27,480; John Graves, $2,941.52; Michael L. Turner, $2,355.73; Robert W. Campbell, $3,852.71; David Busch, $6,592 and $1,134 medical expenses; Mark McLeland,$7,767.24; Mark McLeland, $5,895.16; Trisha Wargo, $12,653; Wade McCarty, $6,520; Robert Henderson, $11,217.83; John P. Hunkler, $3,140.22; Michael Taber, $1,907; Brad Rossetter, $28,511.06; Susie Jenkins, $1,855; Donald Mull Jr., $4,408.88; and Lisa D. Hill, $2,416.53.

Complaints to foreclose mortgage were filed by Huntington National Bank vs. David W. Voteau; Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. John H. Haynes and Tina S. Haynes; and Wells Fargo Bank vs. Clinton A. Fletcher, Christie D. Landgrave and State of Indiana.

Complaint on notes and to foreclose mortgages were entered for: Deutsche National Bank and Trust Co. vs. Michael E and Julie E. Blackburn; PHH Mortgage Corp. vs. Bradford Redding and Purdue Employees Federal Credit Union (and to reform); First Financial Bank vs. Mike and Shelly Alderman; and Wells Fargo Financial Indiana Inc vs. John L. Phalen and Wells Fargo Financial Bank.

Complaints on notes and to enforce assignment of rents were entered for the plaintiff in: First Financial Bank vs. Elmer L. Noe, Patricia Calhoun d/b/a Cut & Curl, Beth Myers (Carroll County Auditor) and Jane Brewington (Carroll County Treasurer).

HSBC Bank Nevada NA filed a complaint against Paul R. Shank III.

Midland Funding filed complaint against Judith A. Corns.

Midland Credit Management Inc. filed a complaint against Richard W. Smith.

HSBC Bank of Nevada filed a complaint against Belinda S. Pearson.

Ellen Horn filed a complaint for damages against Robert Kenworthy.

Citizens Equity Federal Credit Union d/b/a CEFCU filed a complaint against David D. Ringer.

Regions Bank d/b/a Regions Mortgage filed a complaint on contract and note for declaratory judgment against Leslie R. Leap.

Douglas Spitzer and Amy Spitzer have filed a complaint for damages against Levi Nice and Northland Insurance Co.

Midland Credit Management Inc. has filed a complaint against Richard L. Johnson.

Capital One Bank filed a complaint against Dave W. Ashenfelter.

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