2008-10-08 / Opinions & Letters

Board of Works members get it right

It is refreshing to hear members of the Delphi Board of Works, Bob Conner and Brian Garrison, being so connected to their fiscal and community duties that they ask questions about claims, spending in general and other city concerns during board of works meetings.

Since January these two individuals have performed their duty to protect taxpayer dollars. They understand how the system should work and they are not stymied by ignorance on their respective parts. If they do not understand a situation, they kindly ask about it. And if they don't understand the answer, they continue to ask about it until they do. Many times they have city clerk-treasurer Janice Roe rifling through boxes of claims to find the answer to their specific spending questions.

We congratulate them and others who conscientiously serve the taxpayers. For their efforts we say a hearty "job well-done."

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