2008-10-08 / Front Page

Delphi's Indiana St. to go one-way

By Debbie Lowe Staff writer

Delphi Mayor Randy Strasser was urged to proceed immediately to eliminate a visual obstruction for traffic at a busy intersection near the downtown area at the Monday night board of works meeting. Board of works member Brian Garrison said a bush at the corner of Indiana and Main streets was a safety hazard for traffic attempting to turn onto Main St. from Indiana St.

Strasser said an ordinance to make Indiana St. a one-way was in progress to address the issue, but it was not finished. Noting that the board of works discussed the situation in the past, Garrison urged Strasser to either have the bush removed or present the ordinance as soon as possible. He said the city should not wait any longer and "keep pushing it around" until a crash occurs at the intersection. Garrison said the view must not be obstructed for safety reasons.

Other business

According to Strasser, the section of the new roof on the city building over the street and fire departments has failed. Attorney Kurtis Fouts reported the roofer for the job, CCI, submitted a proposal to remedy the situation. He said CCI agreed to re-apply the roof at no cost to the city, but expected the materials supplier to reimburse the contractor for $8,478.50, or one-half of the cost of the installation. Fouts said the materials supplier agreed to provide the replacement materials at no cost to the city. Fouts said the city agreed to help with disposal of the roof materials currently installed.

Star Development was named grant administrator for the city's low-to-moderate housing rehabilitation program.

Claims for $141,853.87 were approved after discussion. Both board of works members Bob Conner and Garrison questioned an expense for seven new guns for the police department not purchased locally. Conner asked for an explanation of a claim to an out-of-county insurance company for the fire department. Garrison questioned a claim for coffee which led to clarification that the city pays for coffee for the city building.

The next board of works meeting will be Oct. 20 at 4:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

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