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Public to be given opportunity for Q & A about school renovations

By Debbie Lowe Staff writer

The Delphi Community School Corporation will hold a public meeting Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. in the high school commons to allow residents and taxpayers the opportunity to question school board members and learn about the decision to proceed with a renovation project.

The scope of the project was reduced from an approximate $18 million proposal earlier in the year to an estimated $13 million current project. To reach the lesser amount, the original proposal was curtailed to omit some items.

The new plan includes in the high school:

• Renovations of two sets of science rooms with shared preparation rooms between the sets and include lockers in new corridor;

• Upgrade of seating and lighting in the auditorium;

• Moving the art room into the choral room;

• Renovation of FACS labs, one larger room and four computer rooms;

• Remodel Pod C into two foreign language labs;

• The Arts/Industrial Technology area would feature a remodel of one area to make two art rooms, renovation of a construction and CAD lab;

• The kitchen area would have a larger receiving room and additional storage and the serving line in the cafeteria would be made ADA accessible;

• Tennis courts would be resurfaced and the locker bays would be made into academic rooms which would include new lockers;

• Exterior doors and windows would be replaced with upgraded hardware throughout the interior;

• New fixtures, partitions and finishes in the restrooms;

• Improvements to general areas which have not already been renovated, new ceiling, lights and upgrade to walls and floors;

• System renovations include; HVAC, temperature controls, electrical, emergency lighting, technology, plumbing, intercom, phone and clocks;

• Security improvements will be made to the video surveillance, door access and vestibules;

• Site changes in areas of lighting upgrades, re-working the circulation into the school and adding an ADA lift to the office area.

The new plan includes renovations to the middle school:

• Changing the old art and music rooms into drama, choral, music classrooms and science labs;

• Sound attenuation in the building along with new ceilings and lights in cafeteria and;

• Alternate renovations could include; reconfiguring the administration area for office area plus two general classrooms.

The $18 million plan would have included the additional renovations to the high school:

• High school and middle school principal's office and staff addition;

• Turn the old administration area into six new computer labs;

• A remodeling of the Agricultural labs and classrooms;

• Upgrades to the Physical Education area: Fitness and weight room, locker, wrestling and laundry rooms; add showers to high school football locker area; add ceramic tile wains coating to pool area and changes to concession area;

• Improvements to the exterior of building would have included, tuck point brick and repair and/or replace stucco surfaces.

The $18 million plan for the middle school would have included:

• New freezer/cooler to the kitchen and an added water supply;

• A remodeling of the area into two classrooms.

The school corporation board of school trustees, superintendent and staff encourage all county taxpayers and residents to attend the public hearing to gain as much information as possible about the proposed renovation project. The public 1028 hearing was designed to allow community members to register concerns and provide suggestions and input into the process of school renovation.

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