2008-10-08 / Looking Back

Looking Back

From the files of Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, Journal Citizen and Carroll County Comet. Photo provided by Carroll County Historical Museum.


A celebration, along with a cake was held by the members of the Carroll County Historic Bridge Coalition for the Wilson Bridge on CR 300N. They gathered with area neighbors to roast hot dogs and show how much they care for the iron structure, which is now closed to traffic. The bridge, which spans Deer Creek in a picturesque setting, is on the 1998 Wabash Valley Trust Endangered Structures List.

After months of deliberating and negotiating, Delphi City Council has unanimously agreed to develop the well, gifted by U.S. Aggregates.

Senior Liz Hahn was crowned homecoming queen at Delphi Friday night. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Hahn of Delphi. Her escort was J.T. Emerson.

Mary Lou Rude has been mixing pancake batter for the Jackson Twp. Pancake and sausage breakfast for 22 years.


Stephan's IGA in Flora celebrated its 25th birthday at a party for the community on Oct. 2. It was held in the store's parking lot.

Seven hundred and fifteen people were registered by Mildred Gasaway, mother of Bonnie Stephan and a retired employee of the store, and Idella Burnham, from whom the Stephans bought their original store 25 years ago.

Lisa Kearns, junior at Anderson College, and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kearns of Rt. 2, Flora, spent the summer performing with a group of college students aboard a cruise ship.


The once a year excitement of the Delphi high school homecoming game will begin with a parade at 2:20 p.m. on Friday afternoon. The students will form their usual rally in the down town area, whipping up the team spirit for the evening's game.

At 7:30 p.m. the Oracles will face North Judson before what promises to be a large and eager group of spectators.

Always a colorful feature of the homecoming game, the queen will be crowned during the half.


Enrollments for the county schools this year show a loss of about 126 pupils in the grades and of about 92 in the high schools. 2,529 are enrolled in the grades this year as compared to 2,655 last year. 868 are enrolled in the high school as compared to 960 last year. Carrollton and Rockfield high schools both show gains. Bringhurst, Delphi, and Pyrmont are the only schools showing an increase in attendance in the grades.

Camden becomes the third largest high school in the county with an enrolment of 94 while Burlington has 89. Last year Burlington had 105 and Camden 98. Rockfield high now has more pupils than Cutler which this year has the same as Carrollton, 67. Cutler was the fifth largest high school in the county.

Camden also became the third largest grade school in the county, taking this away from Burlington also.


The moving picture show at the Flora opera house is still drawing good crowds and the management of the company is well pleased with the patronage and the treatment accorded them since locating in our city. Tonight, the program will consist of some of the finest pictures ever seen in this city, featuring the following productions: "A Good Joke," "Gendarme, Incensed and Amazed," "The Orphan, or a Mountain Romance," "The Schoolmaster Receives a Call," and "He Got Soap in His Eyes." Most of the pictures are productions from Paris and are the best that money will buy. Don't fail to attend, as this will be one of the best entertainments they have given yet. Admission 10c.

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