2008-07-16 / Looking Back

Looking Back

From the files of Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, Journal- Citizen and Carroll County Comet. Photo provided by Carroll County Historical Museum.


During the past week at least one fatality occurred at a country road corner where corn had grown tall and it was nearly impossible to see on either side of the intersection. In addition, several were injured in at least two accidents at the same corner.

It isn't time for the farmer to "cut the corners" where his corn is obstructing the view since it still must pollinate to bring a proper yield. So, the best thing which can be done presently is for all drivers to slow down (even stop if approaching vehicles are especially difficult to see) and proceed with special caution through those blind intersections.

Careless driving can, and does, cause accidents. Take just a little more time as you travel and be sure you will not hit, or be hit, by a vehicle at that blind crossing where you are traveling!


Chris Meade of Carrollton Township showed both the champion and reserve champion steer at the Carroll County 4-H Fair Tuesday.

Suzi Alvarez, the 17-yearold daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abe Alvarez, Delphi, reigned at the 1983 Carnival of Queens at the conclusion of the 26th Annual Miss Carroll County 4-H Queen contest.

Hallie Mae and Deloris Jeanette Flora, Bringhurst, were recipients of the Hoosier Homestead award presented by Gov. Robert Orr.

The award honors families who have kept farmland in the same family for over 100 years. The Flora family has owned their farm since 1861.


Attorney Ralph Hanna and son Jerry caught a 55 pound catfish in Lake Freeman last Friday while using a trout line. What the huge fish lacked in persona; beauty is more than made up in poundage and the Hannas made quite a triumphant return from their fishing trip. The smiles on their faces were prompted by pride in their good luck and anticipation of what must have been a veritable banquet of catfish steaks.

Work is continuing at the Carroll Telephone Company this week to prepare the building for installation of the dial system. It is expected to be a year at least before actual transfer to the new system can be made.


At the point of a gun W.J. Kennard, cashier and Fay Holloway, assistant cashier of the Bank of Yeoman were held up by three bandits about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon and relieved of $675. The bank is insured to cover the loss.

A young man saying his name was Sherman has been loitering around that town for the past week and with two companions drove up near the bank yesterday and went in and asked a few more questions and his buddies joined him and the officials were advised it was a stick up. They hurriedly gathered the change and departed east to parts unknown and as Sherman said, "War is H", so are bandits. The sheriff and road cops of Carroll, White, Cass and surrounding counties were notified, but no arrests have been made at press time.


Continued from last week- The citizens soon gathered and with buckets, assisted by the fire wagon from this city, fought the flames as best they could and by 7 o'clock the danger was past, the fire being under control. The mass of ruins smouldered all day and were carefully watched to see that the fire did not break out again.

The meat shop of Mr. DeMar was entirely destroyed, together with the contents and he estimates his loss at $500 with $300 insurance. The building was owned by Jesse Johnson and was valued at $500.Continued next week…

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