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Annual EDC request approved by Delphi

By Debbie Lowe Staff writer

After a brief presentation by Carroll County Economic Development Director Daryl Smith at the Monday night meeting, the Delphi City Council unanimously approved a funding request for $11,313, which was $1,898 more than the 2007 award. The amount was figured at a rate of $3.80 per city resident according to Smith.

In a second request Smith asked council members to consider the dedication of any Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) revenue increase to a "pool." The "pool" would be established in conjunction with anticipated increased revenues from Camden, Burlington and Flora, in the event the county council increases the overall tax rate. Smith said a representative from each town would participate in a group to decide how to best use the combined money county-wide.

He suggested the city consider the combined funding mechanism for county-wide economic development purposes for a one-year trial basis.

"It is an idea worth contemplating," council president Carolyn Pearson said. "I would like to think about it."

According to a handout provided by Smith the proposed 2009 EDIT revenue generated for the city, if the tax is increased, would be $182,315. The city would contribute $109,389 of that to an economic development "pool." Given the same information, Camden would contribute $9,651, Flora $52,494 and Burlington $8,610.

Additional appropriations

Resolution 2008-03 was approved unanimously for a cumulative capital improvement additional appropriation for $22,885 for roof repairs and another $50,000 for engineering and consulting fees.

Mayor Randy Strasser received approval to advertise for another $43,600 additional appropriation for paving already done on Prince William Rd., and for paving needed on Armory Rd.

Unoccupied/unsafe structure ordinance

Council members passed an ordinance to address unoccu- pied and unsafe buildings on the first of three required readings. It was determined the ordinance, based on IC 36-7-9 of the Indiana Code, would be enforced by the board of works if adopted.

Strasser encouraged all city residents to review the proposed ordinance and provide input to city council members. The proposed ordinance can be viewed in the mayor's office or a copy can be electronically transmitted by request by calling Strasser at (765) 564-3039.

Salary ordinance amended

Council members suspended the rule of adopting ordinances after passage in three separate readings to amend the city's salary ordinance. Strasser said wastewater superintendent Dick VanSickle was appointed utility supervisor and Craig Myers was named water certified operator foreman May 1.

The salary for those positions was set at $22/hour for VanSickle and $17.50/hour for Myers.

Other business

The rehabilitative housing manual for Star Development to begin the process to apply for a housing rehabilitation grant for city residents was approved.

Parks dept. superintendent reported 410 youth participated in the summer recreation program. He said more were registered for various activities but weather seemed to prevent some participation.

Strasser said Riley Rd. resident Chris Neuman was appointed to the park board and long-time board member Mary Ives announced her plan to step down from the board.

Police chief Justin Darling said he was researching an ordinance to control compression brake noise inside city limits. Darling's June activity report indicated officers issued 65 warnings compared to 130 in May. Seventeen traffic summons were issued compared to 76 in May, however 14 misdemeanor arrests were made compared to five in May. Both felony and misdemeanor reports increased from May to June with accidents investigated, hand gun applications, parking tickets issued, animal control violations and assisting another agency numbers remained nearly constant.

Airport manager Brian Stirm said 2,136 gallons of fuel were sold at the airport from the beginning of April until the end of June. Stirm said the number was "about the same as last year."

He said the FAA would issue a public report about test results of aviation fuel developed by Swift Enterprises. He said approval for general aviation use could be obtained within a year.

Strasser reported the Norfolk and Western Railroad will erect a fence in the next two weeks around the dilapidated brick building on Monroe St. on the west side of Delphi. He said he has been in contact with historic preservation groups to assess whether the building could and should be rehabilitated.

The next meeting will be Aug. 4 at 7 p.m. The next board of works meeting will be July 21 at 4:30 p.m.

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