2008-05-07 / Looking Back

Looking Back

From the files of Hoosier Democrat, Delphi Journal, Journal Citizen and Carroll County Comet. Photo provided by Carroll County Historical Museum.

Carroll County baseball champions, Burlington, 1928; bat boy, Johnny Barber Carroll County baseball champions, Burlington, 1928; bat boy, Johnny Barber 10 YEARS AGO

Rock climbing is no longer allowed at France Park in Logansport. The Cass County Parks & Recreation Board made the decision due to concern with the lack of certification for a climber's ability.

Over 500 tires, old furniture and appliances, rusted barrels, and wire fencing are among the items that have been dumped over the past twenty years near the Wildcat Creek, on CR575W. Indiana Department of Environmental Management and Carroll County officials will be working toward getting the dumpsite cleaned up.

Mushroom season is here and Walter Hoagland of Delphi, can vouch for that. Hoagland found a giantsized mushroom near the Carrollton Bridge area. The 6 1/2-ounce mushroom was nine inches tall and four inches wide. Hoagland works full time at the Delphi Body Works in Delphi, but hunting mushrooms is a favorite past time.


A joint park board composed of members of the Town of Burlington and Burlington Township has announced plans for a new 17 1/2-acre Burlington Park.

Located on SR 22, the park will bound Old Sycamore Road on the north at the east edge of the town limits.

Heavy rains and flooding caused cancellations of classes by the Carroll and Delphi school corporations on Monday.

The skies came tumbling down with torrential downpours dumping up to four inches of rain within a 36- hour period.

Tom Sholty, 7-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sholty, Rt. 3, Delphi, is the first day camper registered at Camp Tecumseh this year.


In this age of moon-bound missiles you can never be certain when you see a strange object in the sky. Friday, such an object appeared high in the atmosphere above the city and attracted considerable attention and speculation with its silvery appearance and variously described shapes. However when observed through Jack Brown's binoculars or Bill Bradshaw's telescope, it was agreed that it was a high-flying weather balloon.

A joy ride in a 1958 Chevrolet Impala came to a joyless end for three Delphi youths. They took the car from the Clawson Chevrolet Sales according to their confession and were apprehended by Miami Florida officials a short eight days later.

John Miller had previously alerted the Miami police after one of the boys phoned home for money.


Yesterday was the deadline for use of old automobile drivers' licenses and Indiana motorists will be required to have 1933 licenses beginning today.

Motorists caught without the new licenses will be given seventy-two hours in which to comply with the law. Those failing to buy licenses within that period will be subject to arrest.

The stickers include a postcard addressed to the state police. On the reverse side is a space which must be filled out showing that the motorist receiving the warning has complied. The same sticker applies to minor infractions of motor laws, such as driving with one headlight, tail light out of order, various mechanical defects, dimming lights, and similar violations.

They cost 50 cents, which includes the notary public fee in connection with application for licenses.


Saturday evening, a gentleman of Owasco, was in Delphi and according to reports joined a Mr. Hopkins in the religious services being held on the public square. He joined the circle and when a hymn book was handed to him he tried immediately to sing. Evidently his singing was not appreciated by those interested as he was finally arrested for disturbing a meeting. He had been drinking gin and had two bottles on his person when arrested. Monday he was fined $5 and costs.

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