2007-11-07 / Local News

Permit required for tree activity in Delphi

By Debbie Lowe Staff writer

Delphi City Council learned something new about trees and the city from grant coordinator Jean Howell at the Monday night meeting. They learned there is a tree permit requirement for residents who plan to initiate a change involving a tree within city limits, on or near city property.

Howell explained before a tree located on city property or a city right-of-way can be pruned, removed or planted, a permit must be issued. She advised permit applications could be obtained at the clerk-treasurer's office in the city building.

Street department

Street commissioner Aaron Lyons announced a plan to stop erosion from further damaging 500 feet of the shoulder along Prince William Rd. He said a barrier, positioned between two and three feet from the edge of the road, should be installed to stop erosion.

Lyons said an estimated cost would be $52,600. He said currently there is $45,000 in the street department budget for the work. He suggested transferring funds from other line items in the budget to offset the difference. He was granted permission to proceed with the project.


Grants coordinator Jean Howell announced the city was awarded an Indiana Homeland Security Foundation Grant for a small diameter fire hose, the Main Street Downtown Enhancement Grant for façade improvement and an REMC Round-up Grant for defibrillators for firefighters. She also announced Delphi Forestry Commission received the Outstanding Tree Board of the Year Award.

Delphi Municipal Airport

Airport manager Brian Stirm announced the start-up of Carroll County Swift Development Inc. He explained the new corporation is the marketing and development wing of a corporate extension of the Purdue Research Park. Stirm said he serves as a board member for the newly developed group.

Police department

Chief Ed Chapman said his department has "beefed up patrols" in Riley Park to answer the increased amount of vandalism at the location.

"The vandalism just shouldn't be happening all the time," council president Carolyn Pearson said.

The department issued 76 traffic warnings, seven parking tickets, three abandoned vehicle citations, two weed-control citations and three skateboard violations in October.

Parks department

Superintendent Richard Farrer reported he met with the baseball association to discuss the possibility of Pony League Baseball at Riley Park Annex.

He said parks workers removed graffiti from the softball dugouts at Riley Park and temporarily disconnected lights to the RileyAnnex Baseball Field to prevent skateboarders from turning off electricity to the maintenance building.

Other business

The 2008 Elected Officials Salary Ordinance, 2007-05, was adopted on third and final reading.

Ordinance 2007-09, to increase fees for accident reports from $5 to $8, was passed on first reading.

A four-year contract with Carroll County Economic Development Corporation was approved.

Three units that transmit alerts for power failure and high water at the wastewater treatment plant will be upgraded from analog to digital.

Mayor's report

Mayor Lee Hoard reported the Indiana Canal Association is interested in using all or part of the Delphi City logo. Because the image is copyrighted, city attorney Miriam Robeson is researching how to share without promoting a copyright infringement.

The next meeting will be Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. Board of works will meet at 6:30 p.m. the same evening.

The next board of works meeting will be Nov. 21 at 5:30 p.m.

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