2006-09-27 / Front Page

Civil War diaries to appear online

The Institute of Museum and Library Services recently awarded Carroll County Historical Society Museum a grant of $12,295 to be used for wages to staff a special project.

The goal of the Historical Documents and Records Preservation Project is to digitize photographs, documents and records of historical significance and make them accessible to the public through the museum's Web site www.carrollcountymuseum. org.

A second element of the project is to enter genealogical data into a database which will also be accessible through the museum's Web site.

"We have been able to find grants to allow us to purchase the necessary equipment and software (for the project)," said Carroll County Historical Society Museum curator Phyllis Moore. "However, grants for wages are difficult to find. This is wonderful."

Moore will hire two people to digitally preserve and make accessible online the historical documents, writings, journals, and ledgers of General Samuel Milroy, John C. Odell, and Jesse Sharp as well as the Civil War diaries of James Sharp. They will also enter 4,000 obituaries and 24,000 wills into the database.

The database will be accessible to the public via a public access workstation in the museum and an online database on the museum's Web site.

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