2006-01-18 / Public Records

Circuit Court

Judge Donald Currie

Acomplaint on note and to foreclose mortgage was filed in the following: GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Patrick W. and Deanna Robertson; Argent Healthcare vs. Cheryl Morgan; Great Seneca Finance Corp. vs. Esther Coon; GMAC vs. Mollie J. O’Farrell.

Gregory L. Jones was charged with Counts I and II, dealing in meth; Count III, possession of meth; Count IV, possession of chemical reagents or precursors with intent to manufacture.

Helen J. Wilson named administrator of the Ruth L. Walters estate.

Barbara A. Betz was named administrator of the Pauline Adams estate.

James R. Huffer was named administrator of the Bonita K. Snell estate.

Mark A. Foust was named administrator of the Michael L. Foust estate.

Keith B. Mullin was named administrator of the Mabel E. Mullin estate.

Curtis R. Brown, Tina M. Garrison, Sharon L. Everett and Nancy J. Anderson were named administrators of the Brian D. Brown estate.

In State of Indiana vs. Melinda Hartman, Count IV was dismissed.

An entry of default was entered in American Trust Federal Savings Bank vs. Thomas A. Henry and Pearsons Gas.

Taxes paid on the estates of Hazel Beckner, Virginia Draper, Jacqueline Bayless, Erdene Miller, Frieda Mann, Martha Smith, and Evelyn Talbott with a gross value of $2,329,621.12 totaled $8,863.06.

New filings are from public records available in the Carroll County Clerk’s office on the second floor of the courthouse, Delphi. Other information regarding judgements and marriage dissolutions is gathered from public records found in the clerk’s office.

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