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Public Notices

NOTICE is hereby given that the Board
of County Commissioners of Carroll
County, Indiana, will receive sealed bids
until the hour of 8:30 A.M., Local Time on
the 7th day of December, 2015 at the office
of the Carroll County Auditor in the Carroll
County Courthouse, Delphi, Indiana, for
the furnishing and delivering of materials,
supplies and services for the maintenance, construction and reconstruction of
county roads, culverts, and bridges during
the calendar year of 2016, using Motor Vehicle, Local Road and Street, EDIT, Wheel
Tax, and Cumulative Bridge Funds. Any
bid received after the above-designated
time will be returned unopened.
All bids shall be made in duplicate
copies. All bids are to be made and contained separately in plainly marked envelopes showing the item number
contained therein. All bids shall be on
forms prescribed by the State Board of Accounts and are to be accompanied by a
Certified Check, Cashiers Check, or
Surety Bond as required by law in the sum
of not less than 10% of the total bid. Bid
security may be combined to cover all bids
submitted by one bidder; however it must
be contained with the lower numbered
item. Bidders are requested to use Form
12, Contractor’s Bond for Supplies, wherever applicable. Bid forms and specifications are obtainable from the County
Bidders for the supply of petroleum
based products shall bid both a fixed unit
price and a unit price subject to increase
or decrease (floating unit price), please
note that bidding a fixed and floating price
is mandatory. The fixed unit price shall not
be subject to change. The floating unit
price for petroleum based materials must
include documentation from the bidder’s
source of supply to establish a base cost
of supply. The successful bidder or bidders shall submit current cost of supply
documentation monthly to the appropriate
County Department. The unit price
payable shall be adjusted for any increase
or decrease in such cost. Carroll County
reserves the right to cancel the contract of
any bidder whose monthly cost of supply
documentation is inadequate in the judgment of Carroll County to properly justify
an increase in the unit price. Carroll
County also reserves the right to cancel
the contract of any bidder whose source of
supply changes at any time after the contract is awarded.
On all items which specify a quantity,
the bid shall contain a unit price which additional quantities may be purchased if the
actual requirements exceed the estimated
quantities requested.
Bids are requested for the following
45,000 cu yards or less screened or
processed gravel in measurable lots.
65,000 tons or less graded stone or gravel
Ice/Fill Sand
Washed 23/24 sand
12 Pea Gravel
#53 Stone
#73 Stone
#2 Stone
#4 Stone
#5 Stone
#8 Stone
#9 Stone
#11 Stone
#12 Stone
#13 Stone
20,000 gallons or less of 87 Octane unleaded gasoline FOB County Highway
Garage and Sheriff Dept.
100,000 gallons or less of premium diesel
fuel Cetane 53 FOB County Highway
17,000 gallons or less of off-road diesel
Cetane 53 FOB County Highway Garage
All diesel fuels will be blended 60-40
from November 1st to April 1st
The Board of County Commissioners
reserves the right to reject any and all bids
and to waive any informality in bidding.
By order of the Commissioners
of Carroll County through
Paul Couts,
County Highway Engineer
hspaxlp 46t2

ESTATE NO. 08C01-1511-EU-34
Notice is hereby given that Sherry Lynn
Owensby and William Nicholas Popejoy
were on the 6th day of November, 2015,
appointed Personal Representatives of the
Estate of Jerry L. Popejoy, deceased, who
died on the 1st day of November, 2015,
and is serving as personal representative
and was authorized to proceed under unsupervised administration.
All persons having claims against the
estate, whether or not due, must file the
claim in the office of the Clerk of this Court
within three (3) months from the date of the
first publication of this notice, or within nine
(9) months after the decedent’s death,
whichever is earlier, or the claims will be
forever barred.
Dated at Delphi, Indiana, this 6th day
of November, 2015.
Andrea S. Miller
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Carroll County, Indiana
P.O. Box 4
19 South Center Street
Flora, Indiana 46929
Telephone (574) 967-4137
Attorney for Personal Representative
hspaxlp 46t2d

WHEREAS, it is recognized that the
streams, drainage channels, regulated
drains, and storm sewers serving Carroll
County may not have sufficient capacity
to receive and convey excess storm
water runoff resulting when land use
changes from open or agricultural use to
a use that may result in increased imperviousness; and
WHEREAS, IC 36-9-28. 5-3 Requires
Carroll County to adopt a policy for the
management of storm water runoff from
developed real property.
WHEREAS, The Board of Commissioners of Carroll County, State of Indiana,
and the Carroll County Drainage Board
has established and enacted Carroll
County Chapter 34 as part of the comprehensive Carroll County Storm water
Quality Management Plan, to provide a
uniform schedule of fees for the Carroll
County Drainage Board and Carroll
County Surveyor.
by the Board of Commissioners of Carroll
County, State of Indiana, and the Carroll
County Drainage Board, that the Board of
Commissioners hereby adopts and approves the new Chapter 34, reading as
The county surveyors office shall charge
the following application/permit fees to
any person, partnership, corporation, or
any other entity filing an application to discharge private or mutual drains into a regulated drain under jurisdiction of the
County Drainage Board,
Direct Outlet
Individual Residences and Agricultural
uses: $25.00
Subdivision, Multi-family, or Commercial uses: $150.00
Industrial Uses: $250.00
Indirect Outlets
Subdivisions, Multi-family, Commercial
or Industrial Uses: $150.00
No fee shall be required to those discharges to be made indirectly to a regulated drain for individual residential lots
and agricultural drains. However, any
such indirect discharge within the
drainage shed of regulated drain shall be
required to file an application.
Individual Residence and Agricultural
uses: $75.00
Subdivision, Multi-family, or Commercial uses: $150.00
Industrial Uses: $250.00
These rates shall be set for both permanent crossings and temporary crossings. Fill Permit Fees
The fee for individual fill permit reviews
shall be $75.00
Building Permit Review
The fee for Building permit shall be
The County Surveyor’s Office shall
charge the following application fees to
any person, partnership, corporation, entity or association filing an Encroachment
Agreement pursuant to the Indiana Code
Subdivisions: Per Each secondary plat
Individual: Agricultural and single family residential 75.00
Commercial, Multifamily and Industrial
In addition to the above fees for each
type of request there shall be collected an
additional fee equal to the amount
charged by the County Recorder for
recording the Encroachment Agreement.
Utility Encroachment
Underground construction, grading,
trenching, boring $150.00
Or excavation parallel and or perpendicular to the drain for up to 400 feet of
continuous construction.
For each 400 feet or part thereof of
continuous construction parallel and or
perpendicular to the drain thereafter $
The above fees shall apply to all overhead Utility Encroachments.
In addition to the above fee for each type
of request there shall be collected an additional fee equal to the amount charged
by the County Recorder for recording the
Encroachment Agreement.
Individual Site Plan Reviews
The fee for review of each individual site
plan for sites disturbing one (1) acre or
more, or for individual site plan reviews
authorized by the Drainage Board shall
be $75.00
Obstruction Petitions
The filing fee for Obstruction Petitions
filed in accordance with Indiana Code
36-9-27.4 shall be $250.00
5000 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft. surface
area disturbed: $100.00
20,001 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft. surface
area disturbed: $300.00
40,001 sq. ft. or more surface area disturbed: $400.00
Alcoholic Beverage Verification
The fee for certification of Alcoholic Beverage Permit locations:
For new locations: $50.00
For renewals at the same location:
Stop Work Orders
Permit Re-instatement Fee: $100.00
Or two (2) times the filing fee,
whichever is greater
Fine for Continued Construction after
Stop Work Order: $1000.00 first day
Up to $500.00 each additional day
Early Bird Fee (start of construction prior
to issuance)
Two (2) times the filling fee
Engineering Review Fee
All engineering projects will require a review fee above and beyond the application fee(s). The review fee shall equate to
the contract rate of the reviewing engineer, not to exceed $150.00/hour. This
fee shall be paid to the Carroll County
Drainage Board and shall be paid in full
before any project approval is given.
This ordinance and all ordinances supplemental or amendatory hereto, shall be
known as the “Carroll County Drainage
hspaxlp 46t2

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